Disqus comments integration - SEO Benefits or implications

Common question which came to my mind when switching from drupal comments to Disqus comments is whether discuss comments will be indexed by search engine and whether I will get any benefits in terms of ranking in case the keywords are in the comments. I read that it Hurts SEO because the JavaScript comment widget is not crawlable by search engines. Comments are fresh content on your page which search engines value highly. So I was concerned and did some reading.

Drupal Single (one) page / Pageless Design

Pageless design has come into existence is the new standard in building websites. So why would anyone want to go pageless or Single page design?. Its not only affordable but also leads to higher conversion rates. Users are interested with action oriented buttons they see on single page design, the loading may be slow but once loaded it is high performance, the reduces the bounce rates. Pageless design will look great on all devices like tablet, mobile, PC etc. This is the need of the hour.

How to make drupal a paid membership/subscription site

This is a quick how-to article on making drupal website a paid membership website (subscription). This is a very important feature and it can help you make money using  drupal website or blog. You can use UberCart or Drupal commerce to grant memberships. I am giving the steps below for UberCart.  Generally Paid websites collect some more personal info from a user on registration by adding fields in Administer » User management » Profiles page. You can do that if you like. 

Move Drupal Setup from one PC (Desktop) to another

Suppose you are running  drupal on localhost using xammp. You got a new device and you now need to move my whole site and drupal setup from one PC to another. How can you do that?

Best Video Tutorials for Drupal / Drupal 8 Learning

Video learning is not only easy its effective, since you can see hear and even replay. This is fast , easy and effective way of learning drupal or any skill and comes very close to classroom learning. With this in mindi I thought of pointing out some website which offer some good video tutorials for Beginner , intermediate and advanced drupal learning.  While the free ones may not have content updated for Drupal 8, the paid ones are quickly updating for drupal 8.


Migrate to Drupal 8 - Exciting features you want to grab

Drupal 8 Beta has been released and the full stable release is just around the corner. There is lot of excitement amongst Drupal developers and open source community. Lets see what goodies and features are in store for us, I am sure you will be waiting to upgrade to Drupal 8 just like me.

Drupal pay with tweet / social media

In case you are wondering if it is possible to show only a snippet of a block of text/content and allow people to see the complete content or enable a download only after they have shared it on social media - like twitter, facebook, google plus, etc, in drupal , then some of your problem will be solved with a contributed module.


Drupal cron problems - not running , white page

Drupal cron job is really easy to setup. However for some old running websites cron job stops working after updating drupal to new version. For one of my websites I had similar issue. The cron job was not running. Neither automatically not manually. Running cron job used to return a blank white page, which means you dont know what the issue is. I even tried installing poormanscron module still it used to fail.

Drupal integration with other applications

Drupal being a top CMS, its very important that it integrates with other third party applications. We generally want the following

  1. Use and implement some standard functionality of Drupal
  2. Build some custom functionality that should seamlessly integrate with Drupal eg same users, same permissions, etc...
  3. Use Third party modules for front end or implementing key functionalities. 

Headless Drupal - Overview and resources

Headless Drupal is already a thing and people have started using it for building websites. Lets see what is headless drupal and why it is required.  Headless drupal concept will mainly be of help to theme developers (front-end). Today we can create great themes using HTML, CSS, Javascript. however when we try to integrate with drupal framework, we have to spend days to make things working.


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