How to block spam user registrations on drupal website

Before the user can post spam content, comment , he must be registered user. If you have not allowed anonymous posts on your drupal website,  then you must focus on reducing spam registrations on your drupal website. Following modules can be used effectively in drupal 7 to prevent Spam user Registrations.


What are the pros and cons of using Drupal

Drupal is a popular and one of the best CMS. While in initial stages of adoption one does wonder , what are the pros and cons of using drupal. Should I go with Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla or something else. Lets find out Some outstanding pros and cons of using drupal for building your website or blog.


Drupal site down - 500 Internal server error , blank page , heavy usage of resources

One of my drupal websites suddenly went into lot of issues 1) It became extremely slow and I had not done any changes to the website, and all my modules and scripts were upto date 2) It became inaccessible and was throwing 500 Internal server error and max database connection error.

Drupal Awards - BlueDrop 2014 Celebrating Innovations

The 2014 Blue Drop Awards nominations are starting. These awards are to recognize Drupal contribution. Over last few years Drupal has grown incredibly . There are many blogs and websites which provide free drupal support and valueable information . Bluedrop awards were created to promote drupal to greater technology community and to recognize innovative, next-generation websites and the companies that built them. Since 2012 there have been 387 nominations from 27 countries and winners in 7 different countries. There are 1 million active drupal websites and 31000 Drupal developers.

Which is the Best Drupal CMS Web Hosting Provider

Drupal websites work on LAMP technology stack and any webhosting provider can be used for hosting your Drupal website. However your requirements and budget will determine which host you should select. A Large, High traffic Drupal site like has completely different requirements compared to your average Drupal blog. Speed, Stability and Performance are important for both, But as the scale increases so does the technology and cost of hosting.  

40 Large OR High Traffic websites created using Drupal

If you are wondering who is using Drupal 7 check out some of the High Traffic and Large websites created using drupal. Most of the websites below are either large non-profit organizations, US Government or USA departments , as well as large organization, Universities, Newspapers Journals, Medical Industries and Large Corporations , they all use Drupal.



Drupal Commerce and Ubercart Comparison

Ubercart and Commerce are the main options for ecommerce when it comes to Drupal 7. Ubercart started long back and initial release was for Drupal 6 later ported to Drupal 7. Ubercart has great features for Online shop but it lacks support required for product management. Commerce is new for Drupal 7 and redefines the way Drupal handles e-commerce. Choosing the right suite of e-commerce module for your online shop is an essential starting point. Please ensure that you invest time comparing each solution before selecting one. Once your website is live, it will be difficult to switch from one solution to another and also time consuming. 


Drupal vs Magento for Ecommerce Websites

Drupal is a good and secured CMS system with few plugins ( UberCart, Drupal Commerce) which can be used to as eCommerce store . Magento  is superb and robust eCommerce platform so it can't be a CMS, but it have ability to add CMS pages from backed and link to navigation using blocks and phtml files. Lets see where Magento Scores well over Drupal.  Drupal has a very popular e-commerce solution Ubercart which is comparable to Magento. 


Top 10 Must have functionalities in Drupal 7 Websites (New or Migrated)

If you are new to drupal and have created basic website. You will need following modules to make the website functional in all areas. This article will also be useful for those who have migrated the websites from other CMS to Drupal. 

1.       Image Support – Drupal 7 has much improved image support through Media module. You can also install ImageCache Module for Scaling, cropping images.  Media Module comes with lot of add on modules , in case you need Bulk Upload, or want to embed Videos in your website.

If you use Media Module with WYSIWYG Editor, you will get a Media Browser button which you can use instead of IMCE module of Drupal 6 for easy upload of images.

Lightbox2 module will provide the lightbox functionality in case you need.

How to display Book Navigation or Book Tree as Menu

For one of the sites, I had created a huge book with lot of pages , child pages. Now I wanted to display that as menu. It was really tough, as I did not find any writeup for the same.  I found the solution and thought of sharing with my readers. I wanted to place the Top page of the book as one of the menu in the Main menu of my drupal Site. And on mouse over all child pages should be displayed. I search in the basic configuration and did not find any way to do this. This is how to proceed.


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