NewFangled Theme - IE Issues Fixed

A brilliant new theme ported by us. Its features are

* 3 column layout
* Fixed width
* Tested in IE, Firefox, Opera.


Make an FAQ Site using Drupal

FAQ Sites are a piece of cake with Drupal 5.1. You can create a great lightweight FAQ site in Drupal even if you are a beginner.

You will need
Drupal 5.1


Drupal Showcase - Some Top Drupal Sites with Screenshots

Some Top Drupal website sorted by Category. The sites are not in any particular order. If you want your site to be listed here Contact Us. For guaranteed inclusion you can give a site recipe or some tips on how you made your site. Basically some code/article which will be value add for Drupal developers. Your article will be featured on the website along with your site in showcase.

Move your mouse over the Links to see the preview.


"Page Cannot be Found" When Searching

I had a strange problem on this site. Every time I try to search it gave me "Page Cannot be Found"

Luckily there is an easy fix to this problem in 5.1.

Throttle - For shared hosts drupal sites

Ever wondered what the throttle is and why its needed.?


This is the port of Tidy Blog theme from (preview). It has following features.

* Fixed width and 2 column Layout.


Universal Theme

A brand new theme MyDrupal Universal, this time for Drupal 5 version. This theme is a 2 column layout, inspired from "Internet Services" Theme. It is fixed width. For feedback/issues add comments here or in forums.

Width can be easily modified by changing the #page id in style.css. Its currently set to 800px. Everything will resize proportionately.

Colors can be easily modified too. Just change n1.gif in images folder and change few colors in style.css.

Tested on Drupal 5.1 with Firefox and IE browsers.


UberCart - Latest E-commerce solution

If you are using e-commerce contributed module you may want to checkout the latest ecommerce module - "UberCart". I have reviewed it and I have only positive things to report at the moment.

For Ubercart you need Drupal 5. Ubercart has a good look and its very easy to setup and manage while not sacrificing the key ecommerce functionality.

Checkout more details on

BTW there was a functionality I needed for my ecommece shop to Calculate Shipping by weight of Product. A simple one line code change was suggested . Here is the details.


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