Impact Theme.

Impact theme Now available for DRUPAL 5 and 5.1!!!. Download here. Version 1.2 has a major bug so please update your themes to version 1.4


Add icons to attachments ( files ) depending upon its type

This is one of those theme changes that is must have if your website has lot of content as file attachments.

Check out the post on

So depending upon the type of file the corresponding icon will display, like pdf, mp3, wav, doc, xls and so on. You can practically add any icon you want.

Tabbed Blocks

How do you creat tabbed blocks in Drupal ?

Eg on:

Check the solution on


External Links in New Window with Message box

External links to the websites should alway open in new window. Else users will leave your website and may not return back.

Also its good to display a message box stating that they are leaving the website. Use the following method to achive this.

1. Create new file external.js
2. Put the following code in there.

$(function() {
.click(function() {, '_blank');
return false;

In above code replace with your website domain.


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