2 or 3 columns which is right ?

The answer to this question will depend upon what your site is about. If you have too many sections on your website then you will tend to use 3 column layout. The answer to this classic question is both layouts are good and work if you design your site well.

2 column layout:

1. Use when website has less sections. Use it with fixed width themes to give better appeal to users.
2. Generally if you have a 1028px or more width users tend to get lost when reading from left to right. So use two column with 770 px width.

MSN.com is a good example of high content , 2 column layout design.

3 column layout.

Search for high content Sites.

If your website has high content and you want the users to use the search feature of the website to effectively find the material they want, you will have to make the search bar more prominent.

Eg: Checkout the Google.com & Personalized page. You can put as many blocks on the personalized tabs however the search bar still remains at the top encouraging you to use it.

You will notice many sites have Search Box big and prominent, mainly to encourage users to search the content. If the site is easy to use, Visitors tend to bookmark it and come again.

So work on your search box and use it

What's your site about. ?

The above question should be answered in first 3-6 seconds , else statistics shows that the users leave the site.

Explain in short / brief what your site is about in 5-10 words. Preferable a slogan under your logo or adjacent to your logo. Some sites are explainatory by domain name eg: http://domainsellingtips.com , however domain names not always give visitors idea about site purpose.

To summarize you can use following methods to convey your site purpose to visitors.

1. Slogan
2. Mission statement
3. Flash introduction video
4. AJAX based windows which open on the home page only for first visit.

Embed Flash Video (swf files ) in Drupal

If you want to embed Flash video either in your node or you theme check the following node


Its as simple as putting following code in your page.tpl.php or your node ( FULL HTML Format)


Customize User Login Box ( block )

If you want to customize the User Login box so that everything is displayed on one line like this, then add the following code to the page.tpl.php file of your theme.

<?php global $user; ?>
<?php if ($user->uid) : ?>
<?php print(t('Logged in as:'))?> <?php print l($user->name,'user/'.$user->uid); ?> |
<?php print l((t('log out')),"logout"); ?>
<?php else : ?>

" method="post">
<?php print l((t('Register')),"user/register"); ?> | <?php print(t('Login:'))?>

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