200 Drupal Videos for Beginners

When I started with Drupal sometime back there was no video help or support. With proliferation of drupal across the internet , its now very easy to find some drupal help. I have collected 200 videos in playlist below to help you quickly get started with Drupal the visual way. These video tutorials will help you get started with all the basic information you need and then you will be able to find your way by reading Handbooks on Drupal.org.

Drupal Vs Joomla Vs Wordpress and other CMS

A very common question from Beginners is whether I should choose Drupal or Joomla or Wordpress or other CMS?

I had to make this tough decision 2 years back and I thank myself everyday for choosing Drupal over other CMS. I am glad I did not quit when I found some things difficult.

Drupal has a superior architecture and very SEO friendly. It can cater to your needs, it can be used for a simple FAQ site or a very large million visitor site.

Here are some Key pros and cons of the two systems.


Best Way to Migrate from Wordpress to Drupal

With Drupal's growing popularity, its not uncommon for large number of wordpress sites to migrate to drupal websites. Wordpress to Drupal migration is not straightforward and you will need to do some reading before you directly embark upon the migration. So what is the fastest and the best way to quickly migrate to drupal from wordpress ?

Quick tricks to enhance your drupal website or blog

Once you have made a drupal site and you start getting traffic, the million dollar question is what next. How can I improve my website, what more can I do? Do I add more content, improve theme, change design, add features? . While all of the above are important. Lets look at how you can quickly enhance your drupal website or blog by installing following modules. I am assuming that you would have implemented basic modules like

Drupal End user or Client Training on Usage ( How To)

Once you have built a drupal website , you want to show all the cool features to the client. Not only that you would ideally want client to use all the features . But to my surprise I have found that the end users are very afraid to use the newly created drupal website. They think it’s a black box and if they make any changes or add content something will break

How to reduce bandwidth consumption for Drupal websites

To reduce bandwidth consumption , 1) the simplest way is not to send same file multiple times 2) compress the files when sending from server so that overall size reduces and hence the bandwidth consumption

1. If you are using drupal , you can use the Boost Module http://drupal.org/project/boost.

Drush - Getting started, Tutorial and Videos

Most of the time we manage our drupal sites using cpanel and are used to this shared hosting environment , we usually run backups through phpmyadmin, upload and install modules with FTP and the modules pane, etc. I always thought there must be a faster way to do this. And yes there is, the answer is drush.

Maintaining your Drupal or Joomla website – Best ways and tasks.

One of my clients recently wanted to create a community website,  He is not  a technical person , but a fast learner. He just wanted me to train him on how to maintain the drupal website. He was completely unaware of what really goes into maintenance, the only thing he would think about is adding / modifying content, which he can do very easily . I was not able to explain him what goes into maintaining a drupal community website, so I came back and first created the list of tasks which goes into maintenance of a drupal website. Sharing this with my readers.

Installing Drupal on your Home Windows Computer Using XAMPP, MAMP or Acquia dev desktop

Let me tell you how you can install Drupal on your home desktop for development using XAMPP. This is one of the easiest methods to get started.

Edit: I added two more methods to setup drupal on your desktop. The  Videos are towards the bottom, which will show you another method to setup Drupal on your desktop

Step 1: Download and install XAMPP Lite Dont install XAMPP or others, unless you are advanced user.

Drupal Panels - Introduction and Theming with Example

I have collected few videos which will help you get started with Panels module, which is a very powerful way to organize your website. Without panels you would have to write lot of PHP code, now we can just use a GUI to make regions and blocks and place content whichever way we like. Checkout the video below for Introduction to Panels


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