We are an outsourcing firm and we specialize in PHP projects. Some of our drupal projects are and Our teams are typically ready to start at a day’s notice. We follow Agile methodology for most of our projects and maintain constant communication with our clients including weekly status meetings, code reviews and client demos. Our offices are located in India, USA and UK. We offer resources starting at $2700 per month.

My personal experience has been in developing and managing sites like (under the umbrella) and more recently for Lance Armstrong. I was responsible for launching this site for Lance Armstrong and his foundation, with a team of 5 developers in a span of 3 months.

Our performance will prove that we are the best at what we do.

I’d like to schedule time to talk and explain a bit more about our processes. Please send me your contact information.


Nidhi Jaiswal
Director, PHP Sales Team
Phone # (91) 909 692 7364
AlohaTechnology com

Rate / hour:

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