Best Way to Migrate from Wordpress to Drupal

With Drupal's growing popularity, its not uncommon for large number of wordpress sites to migrate to drupal websites. Wordpress to Drupal migration is not straightforward and you will need to do some reading before you directly embark upon the migration. So what is the fastest and the best way to quickly migrate to drupal from wordpress ?

Wordpress_Migrate, which works off the excellent Migrate module. wordpress_migrate supports migrating WordPress blog exports (WXR format) into Drupal using the Migrate module. Import of posts, pages, comments, attachments, tags and categories is supported. Imports can be rolled back completely. wordpress_migrate requires Migrate 2.4 or later. Migrate Extras is recommended if you have Pathauto installed and enabled and required if you have Media installed and enabled

For Drupal 6 migration you can read this article However considering this is old you may not need to migrate to Drupal 6, especially when Drupal 8 is just around the corner.

Happy Migrating from Wordpress to Drupal.