Best Drupal Sharing and Social bookmarking module reviews

I was using "Add to Any" module and service for very long time. Yes its easy to use and implement and seems like a good solution to share / social bookmark the posts. However I noticed it was not being used as much, none of my posts were getting bookmarked or shared. See the Add to Any screen shot below.

Add this button is another service which is similar and did not have good results for me.



What could be the problem ? I figured out that usability is one problem, since there are 2 to 3 steps in Add to Any before you can actually bookmark.

I tried searching for options and initially thought that indiviual modules like Facebook Share, Linked In etc would be good as it integrates well, light weight code. Then I came across the

Service Links module

and found it to be absolute gem. It has over 70 social services from around the world, but best part is you can pick and choose only the ones you want. I used Service link widgets module and enabled only Google Plus, Facebook Like and Twitter buttons. That has much better result compared with Add to any and if the person is already singed into any of these services, its almost 1 click sharing / bookmarking.

Service link's services can be selected and sorted individually and displayed as a block or in a node, either in the link section or after the body.

You can decide to display

  • link style: as text, image or both;
  • which node types to display links on;
  • if the links should be displays in teaser view or full page view or both;
  • if the links should be added after the body text or in the links section or in a block;
  • if aggregator2 nodes should use link to original article aggregated by aggregator2 module;
  • which user roles can see Service Links

Check some really exciting features of service links

  • Support for Share, ShareThis and Forward; Again you can pick and choose what you want to enable. Forward module is good add since you can email the link.
  • short links support also through Shorten URLs if enabled;
  • support for browser bookmark (work with Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome);
  • support for Views 2;
  • block with FishEye effect;

Other social bookmarking modules


Another module which I really liked and may use it in future. Similar to Service links and has better appeal. It has Multiple display options:

  • Node item/Psuedo field for Nodes.
  • Display Suite/Node Displays field.
  • CCK/Field / Views formatters:
    • Link module
    • Node Reference module
    • plus an example Custom Formatter for extended support

Website Toolbar

Another great way to have all important options in one toolbar.

  • let your users tweet your content\
  • let your users share your content to social network sites such as Delicious, Digg, Facebook, and more social bookmarking and sharing site
  • integrate the google search on your site Integration

This is a liter version of Add to any and may prove to be effective. Includes code to integrate social media service on your site. integrates with major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and allows your users to rate, comment and otherwise interact with your Drupal site using their social media credentials, and have their interaction with your site show up in their activity stream on Facebook or as a tweet in Twitter.