200 Drupal Videos for Beginners

When I started with Drupal sometime back there was no video help or support. With proliferation of drupal across the internet , its now very easy to find some drupal help. I have collected 200 videos in playlist below to help you quickly get started with Drupal the visual way. These video tutorials will help you get started with all the basic information you need and then you will be able to find your way by reading Handbooks on Drupal.org.

Below videos are Youtube playlists, you each of the items below has multiple videos so go through them and you should get a pretty good grasp of Drupal Another thing to understand is Drupal 6 tutorials can be used to understand basics of Drupal 7 since they are not very much different. Once you get the concepts you can understand the difference between Drupal 6 and Drupal 7



Thank you for posting the collection. Reading is one way of learning. Listening and watching is much easier and fun. So I agree with you.

In addition to bunch of Drupal video in Youtube, you can search "torrent drupal video" ... some good movies by Drupal dojo and stuff. Some are also listed in Drupal.org

Great stuff!

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Go with Drupal! I made the decision to go with Drupal (when Joomla forked fro Mambo), and have never regretted it. The system is world class and extremely flexible.

I built a quick'n dirty sales/prospecting app for a client in a few hours using CCK and views. Nothing too fancy... but when I showed it off to another PHP coder buddy he flipped.

When he found out how fast I was able to build it, his jaw hit the floor. When you know your way around, its just incredibly quick and easy.

That being said - there IS a learning curve! These videos go a LONG way towards helping shorten the curve and make it easier to get up to speed.

Thanks for sharing!


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how can i download this videos. i am not able to see where the links are...

can you please tell me the exact links. i will be very thankful to you.

not sure how you cant see the videos, but try going directly to youtube on his profile:

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Excellent video ,Drupal is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS). It is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. Its basic installation can be easily turned into many different types of web sites - from simple web logs to large online communities.

Drupal Video Tutorials

These are the best drupal themes videos I have come across, surely a one stop source to get started with creating Drupal sites.

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