Copyblogger Drupal Theme

I am excited to announce the release of brand new Copyblogger Drupal Theme.

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You can choose the color you want. Read below

Its based on hunchbaque as base theme and customized to give it look of copyblogger. The focus is to keep it readable so that it can be used for Blogs or high content websites.

* 2 or 3 column elastic type layout. You can keep the left column or both columns.
* Its fluid but its min width is set to 760px.
* Tested in Opera, IE7 and Firefox.
* Forums are also themed.



How to change the colors
* Open style.css in Editplus or text editor.
* Search for #a90000 which is the hex code of Dark Red color on the theme.
* Replace this with the hex code of the color you want. Eg: #547E14
DONE !! - Save the file and upload it to your website

See the screenshot with new color #547E14

How to make this fixed width theme

In styles.cs find the following code

#page {

Replace it with

#page {
margin: auto;
width: 880px; /* Anything above 760px*/
text-align: left; /* This is to set things right after centering everything in the body. */
border-right: 2px solid #20252d;
border-left: 2px solid #20252d;
background: #fff;


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Nice to see this get ported. The original design is by Chris Pearson, btw. He's a big inspiration of mine.

John Forsythe

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Even though the initial look is like CB, this is not an exact port of CB theme. This theme has a lot of flexibility and anyone who know a bit of css can make good use of this theme.

Hi, I installed the copyblogger theme in my localhost but I have a problem - I'm not able to see either the left or the right sidebars. I tested this in IE6 and Opera, but no results. Can you please help - I don't want to miss this theme..

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You will have to set the blocks again in Admin >> Blocks section. Then it will start to appear


It's working now, thanks...One more question - is it possible to insert an image in the header instead of the standard that is there now?


This is excellent man!

Thanks thanks thanks!


Cool, this is the theme I'm looking for. I'll try it on my blog right now.



Thanks A lot.

Open Source the World.

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P.S.: Fix your theme. I use IE8beta1 and your theme is not compatibly to my IE. In firefox3.06 is ok.
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