Some of the themes that may be useful for you.

Copyblogger Drupal Theme

I am excited to announce the release of brand new Copyblogger Drupal Theme.


Evening Theme.

NewFangled Theme - IE Issues Fixed

A brilliant new theme ported by us. Its features are

* 3 column layout
* Fixed width
* Tested in IE, Firefox, Opera.



This is the port of Tidy Blog theme from (preview). It has following features.

* Fixed width and 2 column Layout.


Universal Theme

A brand new theme MyDrupal Universal, this time for Drupal 5 version. This theme is a 2 column layout, inspired from "Internet Services" Theme. It is fixed width. For feedback/issues add comments here or in forums.

Width can be easily modified by changing the #page id in style.css. Its currently set to 800px. Everything will resize proportionately.

Colors can be easily modified too. Just change n1.gif in images folder and change few colors in style.css.

Tested on Drupal 5.1 with Firefox and IE browsers.


Impact Theme.

Impact theme Now available for DRUPAL 5 and 5.1!!!. Download here. Version 1.2 has a major bug so please update your themes to version 1.4


My Drupal classic Theme

MyDrupal01 theme is derived from Bluemarine and it has lot of features added for a complete community drupal site.


MyDrupal + FriendsElectric - New Colors !!!

Your favorite Friends electric theme in Red, Green & Gray colors. Find out more about the Friends electric theme here.

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