Drupal 7 theme Video Tutorials

Adding some more great videos Series on this page, which will help you learn about Drupal theme, Following vidoes are sure to get you started with drupal themeing, Not only that you will also learn about what tools to use when making drupal themes.

Learn Drupal: Theme Makeover - Modifying an Existing Theme


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Drupal 7: Basic Theming with Zen and CSS

The following series of 6 videos will show you how to create a drupal theme from HTML

Following is a series by Lullabot. The first video I have embedded down below. For other videos you will have to register on the website to view it.

Theming Basics For Drupal 7 Series


1. Introduction to Theming Basics for Drupal 7   19m  
2. Preparing a site for theming   8m  
3. Enabling themes and theme settings   7m  
4. Translating a design into a Drupal theme   5m  
5. Helpful browser extensions for Drupal theming   4m  
6. Creating the .info file and adding CSS   10m  
7. Customizing the page template file   23m  
8. Adding regions to the page template   16m  
9. Customizing the node template   24m  
10. Creating dynamic templates for specific node types   8m  
11. Using the theme developer module   6m  
12. Adding JavaScript to a theme   16m  
13. Tour of popular page template variables   12m  
14. Adding a screenshot to your theme   4m  
15. Conclusion to Theming Basics   3m