Migrate to Drupal 8 - Exciting features you want to grab

Drupal 8 Beta has been released and the full stable release is just around the corner. There is lot of excitement amongst Drupal developers and open source community. Lets see what goodies and features are in store for us, I am sure you will be waiting to upgrade to Drupal 8 just like me.

Migrate is now in core! of Drupal 8. In the older versions of Migrate the process involved defining your field mappings and manually creating the new content types in the D7 system. This is no longer necessary. Drupal 8 migrations will automatically create the needed content types and establish the mappings between the old and new fields by default. Therefore much less configuration is needed. 

Drupal 8 core will include a robust data migration API: https://drupal.org/node/2121299, part of the IMP initiative: 

  1. Mobile website and app is the way of life, instead of saying that Drupal 8 is mobile friendly: It’s mobile first. In Drupal 8, all built-in themes are responsive, and even administration pages are a snap to use on mobile devices. Tables shrink properly, and the new admin toolbar is mobile from the start. Administration experience is really lightweight, mobile-first  
  2. Drupal 8 includes the flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP called Twig. With Twig, templates are now written an easy-to-learn syntax which brings several simplifications and greater security. Twig makes designing beautiful and functional Drupal sites easier than ever before.
  3. Drupal 8 will allow - Inline editing which means you can edit node content to be edited without going to the edit screen. So if you want to change some text in the body? Just click edit on the body content and you're editing. This greatly improves Drupal's user experience for content editing and will make Drupal even more appealing to those who author content that have no real website experience.
  4. I remember everytime when we install Drupal 7 we would have to install Views. Well no more... because Views are now one of Drupal's core modules. Considering the wide spread use of this module in Drupal sites it just made sense to have this standard with Drupal.
  5. RESTful web services will make connecting to Drupal 8 much easier for external web services. Having a popular default web service to use will allow developers to create more and better external services for Drupal. As a developer that has created multiple modules to handle external services I'm excited to see that Drupal now has a standardized way to communicate with other web services.
  6. Drupal 8 implements state-of-the-art Hypertext Application Language (HAL) as well. If you want to expose content as JSON or XML, authenticate a client with HTTP authentication, or expose views-generated lists as services, you can all do it now.
  7. Drupal 8 becomes object oriented due to inclusion of Symfony.
  8. With the new PHP framework Drupal will now be using namespaces. This will allow developers to bring more modern practices to Drupal. As well as making code easier to maintain, expand, and reuse.
  9.  Drupal websites to be much more accessible to visually impaired. Thus increasing usability and users to sites. With the ARIA Live Announcements API and TabManager, Drupal 8 provides centralized control for rich Internet applications.
  10. CKEditor will now be available, by default, as a replacment for Drupal's default WYSIWYG. CKEditor is used for simplifying HTML editing for web content and is widely used on Drupal sites already.
  11.  Drupal 8 comes with a file system-based configuration management system, which makes it simple to transport configuration changes such as new content types, fields, or views from development to production.
  12. Drupal 8 improves on the multilingual functionality.  You can now
    • Translate anything in the system with built-in user interfaces.
    • Build pages with Views language filtering and block visibility.
    • Get software translation updates automatically from the Drupal community.

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