Drupal End user or Client Training on Usage ( How To)

Once you have built a drupal website , you want to show all the cool features to the client. Not only that you would ideally want client to use all the features . But to my surprise I have found that the end users are very afraid to use the newly created drupal website. They think it’s a black box and if they make any changes or add content something will break

Training the end users or user adoption of the system is one of the most important parts of creating a successful website. You may create awesome features but if people don’t use it, its no use building it in first place.

Many times when building a website for my client, I wonder if they will even use the basic features. The common questions are

  • What is difference between article and book page
  • How to add something to block / menu ?
  • Taxonomy ? What is it, how do I use it ?

I tried to create word documents to train end users, but generally it’s not of much use.  They need hands on training and lot of hand holding for 3 to 6 months, before they can get some confidence to use the drupal website.

So lets see how you can tackle this problem of low user adoption or inefficient system usage by giving proper training to your users

  1. Grade your user’s proficiency.  Some folks have really low understanding of CMS or drupal they struggle to add images.  Maybe you can create a 3 point scale to grade them. Check what types of questions they ask, that will give you some insight into their level of understanding
  2. Plan for some initial training sessions where they just get to see the system and its features end to end
  3. Next give small hands on training on one feature. Ensure that they fully understand the usage of that one feature end to end.
  4. Now that they understand one feature they are in a position to take some homework. Give them some links to read or videos to watch. Also a small assignment to complete.
  5. Make a list of jargons, drupal terminology and give them some cheatsheet to refer to.
  6. Now your next training session will be much more fruitful. You will see that they will now be asking even more intelligent questions. Schedule a full day or Half day workshop depending upon the time availability.

Check the following pages which I found helpful

The basic difference to understand is our level of understanding is very high since we are web developers. The key is to step into their shoes, come down to their level and then try to explain them about drupal usage.

To get started, I have collected some videos below which you can show to your client


Some of the channels

  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/sequoiawebdesign?feature=watch
  2. http://www.youtube.com/user/LevelTenDrupalLabs/videos?view=0