Drupal Panels - Introduction and Theming with Example

I have collected few videos which will help you get started with Panels module, which is a very powerful way to organize your website. Without panels you would have to write lot of PHP code, now we can just use a GUI to make regions and blocks and place content whichever way we like. Checkout the video below for Introduction to Panels

Now that you know about the panels watch this 5 part Series to learn how to apply Panels and use it for Drupal Themeing. 

Part 1
Intro & Overview, Panels Basics, Panels Templating

Part 2
Further templating, node template, theming the node edit form, Mini Panels

Part 3
Panels & CSS, Adding CSS to your Panels content, using Firebug

Part 4
Panels Everywhere - setting it up and adding CSS to format the page template.

Part 5
Other sites I used Panels Everywhere on, using Panels to create a user dashboard.