Drupal Single (one) page / Pageless Design

Pageless design has come into existence is the new standard in building websites. So why would anyone want to go pageless or Single page design?. Its not only affordable but also leads to higher conversion rates. Users are interested with action oriented buttons they see on single page design, the loading may be slow but once loaded it is high performance, the reduces the bounce rates. Pageless design will look great on all devices like tablet, mobile, PC etc. This is the need of the hour. Single-page website will work out well for certain cases , say  for example with ads  “business card” websites, or some environmental/social awareness projects, like http://freethechicken.org/. It may not be the best for all types of websites. So one has to evaluate the pros and cons. 

Its believed that one page websites are going to be a killer for search engine optimization unless you are only hoping to rank that one page (website) for a few very closely related keywords. Having individual pages allows for more SEO opportunities site-wide. But with CMS like  Drupal the way you link internal pages from Front page can do away with this limitation. So SEO may not be a problem with Drupal based Single page or pageless designs. The keyword density will certainly improve if you have pageless design over normal website. 

So how do you implement this in Drupal ?. If you have an exisitng website then you can use these modules to start with

If you dont want to use above modules and looking for some ready made themes to convert your drupal website to Pageless check out popular paid themes websies like tabvn, themeforest etc.  or simply google for Drupal Single page theme.

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