Drupal Vs Sharepoint Comparison

Drupal Vs Sharepoint

Drupal and Sharepoint both have their pluses and minuses. It’s a tough choice for many organizations , but many are moving to Drupal recently

Let’s see some of the differences between Drupal and Microsoft Sharepoint based on my understanding

Sharepoint lacks modern standards present in most social networking tools. I don’t think you can blog or wiki in Sharepoint.
With Sharepoint, one needs costly add-ons in order to offer your users similiar browsing experiences.
Sharepoint increases the total cost of ownership, in fact TCO is huge. Since there is a steep learning curve for webmasters, high maintenance and customization costs and requires customizations which could be done by end-users with other opensource CMS,
Compared to Drupal, Sharepoint is very complex and limited branding, multilingual content management are very difficult.
SharePoint locks you with one vendor (Webserver, database and MS Exchage etc.) With Drupal you are pretty much free to choose your vendors.
SharePoint 2010 there are a lot of improvements compared to 2007 on social networking. It can do publications easily but the main focus is enterprise collaboration.
You can also extend Sharepoint 2010 with the Office Web Apps. This are the office tools online or editing documents, spreadsheets etc.
Level of usability for Drupal websites is much higher at a lower development costs, much lower dependencies and easy maintenance.
With Sharepoint, setting up a local development environment is difficult and expensive.
Setting up an efficient development/deployment process is cumbersome with Sharepoing.
Theming SharePoint is extremely difficult. With Drupal its very simple.
Many SharePoint modules (aka webparts) are quirky and don’t work as expected.
Lists and libraries of Sharepoint are quirky and also often do not work as expected.
SharePoint is slow and does not give you real access to the database that powers it.
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