Drupal and Twitter integration ( Posting , Tweeting, Pulling )

Drupal gives you a variety of ways in which you can integrate with twitter. Following are the list of different ways you can integrate to post you nodes , tweet , pull from twitter and much more.. Read on…

  1. Twitter Module – The Twitter module is the most popular way to integrate drupal and twitter. You can use this module to add a block to your Drupal site that displays your most recent Tweets. There is a video tutorial on how to install and configure this module for  your drupal site. You can also associate one or more twitter accounts with the drupal user account. This module is available for both Drupal 6 and 7.

2. Simple Integration

  • Just add a simple „Follow Me On Twitter”  Icon
  • Retweet button - TweetMeme module that can be easily installed with the click of a button. You now have the option to display the button on blog entries, content pages, etc To include the button on a few of your posts rather than all posts, use this Javascript code directly into the body of your blog post

3. Post to Twitter Options – Allow visitors to share your content on Twitter. In case you don’t want to use the Retweet button, here are additional ways to do that.

  • Tweet Module –Adds a small “Post to Twitter” link and logo that can be displayed in the link section under each of your nodes. Simple way to integrate.
  • Service Links – Allows users to share, save, and bookmark your post with their favorite social sites including Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, and many other services. Icons can be customized.
  • Add to Any – Same as above but with much more options. Uses “Add to Any” service.

4. Send Your Drupal Posts to TwitterTwitterfeed.com add your RSS feed to Twitterfeed and it will automatically post your latest website entries right to your Twitter account.

Other important modules.

  • Twitter Pull is a small module, the only purpose of which is to allow super-easy embedding of public twitter data like: a user timeline or twitter search results by hashtag or a search term. The emphasis is on making these very specific tasks as easy and straightforward as possible. The purpose of the module is not to be an end-all solution for Twitter.
  • Tweetbacks is a module allowing you to show Twitter posts which refer to pages on your Drupal website in a block on those pages. It also provides a second block showing the pages with the most referring tweets.
  • Twitter Block is a  lightweight module provides a simple twitter block with publicly available tweets for a given user, #hashtags or a search term.
  • Currently, only one default twitter block is provided and is configurable via the blocks admin interface. To set up the default block, go to Admin > Structure > Block. Then enable and configure the default block. The configuration form resides at admin/structure/block/manage/twitter_block/default/configure.

  • Activity Stream builds a lifestream for you by aggregating your social activities all in one place. Bring all your activity on the web into Drupal. Whether it's bookmarks on Del.icio.us and Ma.gnolia, pictures on Flickr, music on Last.fm, or posts on your blog, anything you create can be gathered into one easy to read stream. The module comes with support for a half dozen popular sites and support for any site that publishes an RSS or Atom feed. Developers can create integrations with any other site using a simple API.

Every item in your stream is a full Drupal node. This means they can be searched, promoted, commented on, and managed just like any other content in Drupal. The output is fully themeable and the default theme uses plenty of classes so you can use CSS to make sure everything fits in with your site.

  • OAuth – The OAuth module allows for complete API authentication between your Drupal website and other external sites. This module allows users to securely integrate data from sites such as Twitter, Google, Flickr, and many more with any Drupal website.
  • Instant notification for new comments on Drupal: There is a custom code writter here ,  to get instant notification on new comments for your drupal site, through twitter.