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To the Folks at this Website,

I have become the default manager for a drupal website and I am new to the Drupal system. I am somewhat tech savvy, but some of the items in the Drupal system have been mysteries to me for couple of months now. I have read up on the Drupal site about the basic system. And I have a rudimentary knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS and MySQL. My issue is this. How can I get the Primary Links on the Home Page to open in the same window, instead of opening in a new window. Originally these links lead off to outside websites, but I changed them to be internal links. But they still open in a new window.

I have researched much documentation and I cannot seem to find out how to change this behavior of primary links. Is it handled by a CSS sheet somewhere? or a code in the URL somewhere? or is it the "hard-coded" behavior of the module(?) that hosts these links?

All of the other links open in the same browser window.

Please excuse me if this question somehow is inappropriate for this forum.

Thank you very much



The default behaviour is that it opens in same window. You must have installes some contributed module that makes it open in new window or it must be your theme.

Dear Folks at the MyDrupal Forum,

A couple of nights ago, somehow it was revealed to me what was happening. There must be some kind of php code that searches the URL for the “HTTP://” prefix. If that prefix is seen, then the browser opens in a new window because Drupal generates the “target=‘_blank’ ” attribute into the HTML code given to the user’s computer ie-explorer. If you strip the URL down to just a relative path. I took things down to just using the page’s name as the URL (I do not have clean URLs installed). When I did that, the Primary Links on the Home Page now open in the same browser window.

It seems that absolute paths trigger this behavior in the Primary Link Module (at least mine). Anyway, now things seem to work and they have continued to work—at least for me and my browser configuration. If you see something different when you visit this website, please inform me. If anyone has any other information on this issue, I would be very grateful. For now the problem seems solved, though it was by a black-box type work-around.


Chris Ostrowski

Thanks Chris for sharing