Drupal Vs WordPress for blogs






Single/Group blog/site

Single or Group Blog but with better User Management

Single person or Group users

Ease of use

Little complex at first

Very Easy to use

Admin Interface

Little complex at first

Very Easy to use



Not so Good


Unlimited blocks and very flexible and extendable

Limited block placement without hacking

Future growth

Can be accounted for very easily due to its vast features

Limited compared to Drupal.

Customized Design

If page design is important to you , you want to choose Drupal

Can customize design but with limitations

Creating content

Easy. But image support is not as good, but can be done with installing TinyMCE or FCKEditor

Very easy. Images can be easily added to the blog

Managing comments and spam



Contributed modules

Huge, Many features available

Huge, Many features available

Mulitiple uses

Yes. Drupal is CMS , Blogging is just one of the features of Drupal

Mainly a blog Engine.


Many themes, but not as much as wordpress

A very huge collection of FREE themes.

When to use Drupal:

v When you want to start with blog and want to extend your website in future

v When you want Group or community building

v You want control and managebility

When to use WordPress:

v If you want ease of use and Navigation and easy to learn.

v You are only building a single blog with basic features.

v You do not plan to expand your blog into a websites

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