Facebook style status in Drupal

How good it would be if we can have facebook style notifications in Drupal. Basically there is a bar at the top which shows you the new activity that needs your attention.

For a social website or a community website built using Drupal, its one of the important features. The user experience will drive more users to your website and make your drupal site more successful.

There are two Drupal Modules which can make this happen

Facebook-style Statuses. This module is mainly for Drupal 6. Provides streams of status updates like Twitter or Facebook's "wall" feature: each user/node/group/taxonomy term/whatever can have a "stream" or microblog where users can express their thoughts to the community. @mentions and #hashtags are supported, as well as comments on status updates, viewing conversations between users, the ability to "like"/"reply" to/RT a message, automatic updates without page refreshing, and integration with over 25 modules.

Statuses is the new module which is currently under development for Drupal 7 and above. This will have the same features as the above Drupal 6 module. The first release -- the 7.x-1.x branch -- is a straight port from FBSS 6.x-3.x. Once there is a stable, feature-complete release of the module for D7, work will begin on a potential overhaul of the module to take advantage of new features in Drupal 7 like entities and fields

Other related modules to enhance the functionality
•Facebook-style Micropublisher - attach any kind of media (links, images, video, etc.) to statuses
•Facebook-style Statuses Tag Suggestions - suggests #hashtags and @mentions while the user types
•Facebook-style Statuses to Facebook - allows posting statuses directly from Drupal to Facebook
•Statuses (FBSS) to LinkedIn - allows posting statuses directly from Drupal to LinkedIn