How To Choose The Very Best Blogging Platform For You

Starting a blog automatically means that you have to make many important decisions. One of them is obviously what blogging platform you are going to use. So many exist at the moment so the choice can be quite difficult for those that do not know much about blogging when they start. In order to help you out, here are those blogging platforms that are normally recommended for beginners and that you have to consider.

Wordpress.Com is going to store all the content for you and you will basically get a subdomain. Your address will be The option is great for those that blog for a hobby and that do not want to invest money or do not have money to invest. The platform is very simple to use and you do not need any design or coding knowledge. However, you will receive a version of Wordpress that is limited. You do not get a professional look and you cannot control advertising revenue since you cannot add your ads to the blog.

From you get the Wordpress free software. Then, you need to pay for hosting and a domain name. The result is a self-hosted Wordpress site that allows you to install any theme you want and all the plugins desired. You can edit HTML and do whatever you want. This is a perfect version in the event you want to grow your blog as you want to, have the exact look you desire and basically get complete control on customization.

The problem with this blogging option is that you will need at least basic technical knowledge. While quality technical support is offered by most hosting providers out there, you still need to learn some things.


Blogger is now owned by search engine giant Google so you receive access to all the tools the company has. The problem is that flexibility is definitely lower than what gives you. You are recommended to try this option if you are a hobby blogger or if you want to start building a brand without investing a cent. Easiness of use is high and you do have access to the HTML code in order to customize appearance more than with

The problem with Blogger is there are limitations in the number of themes that are available and self-hosting is not an option you can take advantage. The site is going to have .blogspot in the domain name. You can get over that though if you invest in a domain name.


Last on the list, Tumblr is not normally considered but we are faced with a highly social platform that is perfect for the microbloggers. You can use it to start developing your long-form content and you can easily take advantage of the different social tools that are included. The storage is unlimited, you have around 1,000 themes that can be considered and you can customize CSS and HTML. The problem is that you will have problems monetizing, there are not many available plugins and it is very difficult to back up the blog to then import to another platform in the future.