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Making money from Drupal Website

Monetizing your website is very important and typically people do not have much idea on how to go about doing that. Before you can monetize the wesbite its important that you create a good quality website using proper SEO techniques. Broadly there are five ways to make money from drupal site.  For any of following method to work its assumed that you have access to payment gateway systems like paypal , , skrill etc.  These methods will work only if you are able to receive money via payment gateways. 

Top Drupal SEO Modules, Tips and Tricks to increase traffic

Drupal is one of the most SEO friendly CMS. In fact I attribute the success of Drupal CMS to its search engine friendliness. I was surprised when my first Drupal site was quickly indexed by google without much effort from my side. Today I have 90%+ traffic from search engines.   Hence I attribute my website’s success to Drupal’s SE friendliness.   Chances are that you have landed on this page via search engine too :)

Let’s see how you can quickly harness the power of Drupal to get your site indexed and get top rankings in Search Engines.

How To Create The Best SEO Team

Every company that deals with the online realm would love to have a killer SEO team at their fingertips – after all, if you want to get ahead with an online presence, you need to put more than your best foot forward. The challenge in putting together the best SEO team possible, however, is trying to find people whose qualities, skills and personalities will fit together. The days of hiring an intern to implement an SEO strategy are long gone – a single (unqualified) person is no longer cutting it. So, who are the main players in an effective SEO team?


If I were to start again - Lessons learnt

With the intent of sharing the lessons I have learnt over the years ,  I asked myself what would I have differently if I were to start over again. Here are some of my points

Applying patch to Drupal module - Video

This video goes through the process of finding a patch from the issue queue, and then applying it to a contributed module.

Common mistakes made by Drupal developers and how to avoid .

10 Common mistakes made by Drupal developers when building drupal websites and how to avoid them.

  1. Not installing Themes and modules in the right directories

This causes issues later on, when you have to upgrade the drupal to next version . Follow the directory structure recommended, that way it will be easy to debug.

Drupal Vs Sharepoint Comparison

 Drupal Vs Sharepoint

Drupal and Sharepoint both have their pluses and minuses. It’s a tough choice for many organizations , but many are moving to Drupal recently

Let’s see some of the differences between Drupal and Microsoft Sharepoint based on my understanding

56 best practices for Drupal performance

I can across this article which I thought was a very good collection of tips to improve drupal performance. If you are a beginner you would be doing some of these, but I am sure you will learn a lot from this.

20 Must have Drupal Modules when creating a Blog

Drupal in my opinion is as powerful as Wordpress and even more powerful. However for someone migrating from wordpress to Drupal may not know of all the modules or add-ons to install. This is an attempt to address that audience. For any blog I believe the following modules are good to start with.

Hot 10 Things Searched by Drupalers

When it comes to Drupal what are those Hot 10 things that are normally searched and interest people the most ?


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