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How-to type questions for Beginners.

Buy Drupal Video Tutorials.

Anyone who has liked the drupal videos on this website and on youtube must also consider Buying Video Tutorials >>> for very cheap. Following topics are covered

50 Top and most popular drupal modules (projects)

Here is the list of top 50 drupal modules by average monthly downloads. This data is as of 2009. With Drupal's popularity increasing the download data may vary. But the top downloaded modules are not likely to change much.

12 Top of the class Drupal tutorials for beginners, developers and intermidiates

Here are some Free Drupal tutorials available on the web. This will be very helpful for beginners and for those who want to migrate from other CMS like Joomla to Drupal.

Drupal Forums – Enhance, Integrate and get Inspirations.

The forum module of drupal is very basic and when compared
to other forums softwares like vbulletin or simple machines it lacks features
& functionality .

Where to host your Drupal Site ? (Hosting)

Drupal does not have any special web hosting requirements. You can host a drupal site with any PHP / MySQL web hosting provider.   However there are some web hosts which provide some excellent support and features for Drupal sites. Most drupal hosting companies will provide you with Auto Installation or Free drupal installation.

You will stumble across several drupal hosting providers , here are few things you can check for.

Drupal White papers , Cheatsheets and Free books

If you have started with drupal and want to expand your knowledge, you either need to sit and spend time on Drupal Handbooks or buy some Drupal books.

50 Drupal Tips and Tricks - From Lullabot

On their 50th Podcast, Lullabot shares some great Tips and Tricks for Drupal Developers. This page is worth reading for Beginners and if you have time listen to the podcast too.

Drupal Vs Wordpress for blogs