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Drupal Awards - BlueDrop 2014 Celebrating Innovations

The 2014 Blue Drop Awards nominations are starting. These awards are to recognize Drupal contribution. Over last few years Drupal has grown incredibly . There are many blogs and websites which provide free drupal support and valueable information . Bluedrop awards were created to promote drupal to greater technology community and to recognize innovative, next-generation websites and the companies that built them. Since 2012 there have been 387 nominations from 27 countries and winners in 7 different countries. There are 1 million active drupal websites and 31000 Drupal developers.

Top Drupal Resources for Drupal Developers

Collection of top drupal resources from around the world wide web. I have listed below only the websites which are important and has value. With 100s of websites on drupal, its difficult to follow. Check out Drupal training videos, Drupal top blogs, resources , ebooks, Books etc.  Bookmark this page for your future reference. 

Quick tricks to enhance your drupal website or blog

Once you have made a drupal site and you start getting traffic, the million dollar question is what next. How can I improve my website, what more can I do? Do I add more content, improve theme, change design, add features? . While all of the above are important. Lets look at how you can quickly enhance your drupal website or blog by installing following modules. I am assuming that you would have implemented basic modules like

Facebook style status in Drupal

How good it would be if we can have facebook style notifications in Drupal. Basically there is a bar at the top which shows you the new activity that needs your attention.

Reasonable hourly rate for drupal development.

A common question is what is a reasonable hourly rate for drupal programmer or developers. While the range is anywhere between $12 to $110 per hour, it really depends on the complexity of the programming you are asking for.

If you are developing new modules plus custom theme, which is complex in nature the rates can be as high as $100 per hour.

If you are just modifying existing module with minor modification it can be around $40 per hour or less.

UberCart - Latest E-commerce solution

If you are using e-commerce contributed module you may want to checkout the latest ecommerce module - "UberCart". I have reviewed it and I have only positive things to report at the moment.

For Ubercart you need Drupal 5. Ubercart has a good look and its very easy to setup and manage while not sacrificing the key ecommerce functionality.

Checkout more details on

BTW there was a functionality I needed for my ecommece shop to Calculate Shipping by weight of Product. A simple one line code change was suggested . Here is the details.

Change look of forums

Forums in Drupal needs lot of improvement. It is very light weight and just has minimum functionality.

Drupal also lack good image support. Lot of work is needed to make a drupal site appealing esp forums. But thanks to the contribution of many drupaliers, creating new forum look is not an issue at all. With simple theme customizations and adding flatforum module you can build a professional looking forum.

1. To change the look of drupal forum here is the code.

2. You can also use flatforum contributed module. It adds "forum-looks" to the drupal forums

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