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How to deal with comment spam in Drupal

When you create a blog or website, without the user participation and comments its not really going to fly. Comments give more perpective to articles, questions asked by users expand the scope of the article. So user comments are absolutely needed to make a website successful. Question is how do you avoid spam bots and thousands of spammers waiting to bombard your site with useless comments and automatic posts.  EDIT - 24th Mar 2014


Drupal and Flickr Integration

When trying to Integrate Drupal with , the following modules will be helpful. There are basically two types of integration

  1. Where you want Flickr Images as nodes in Drupal.
  2. Simple integration where you show Flickr Images but they are not nodes on your drupal site

First you will have to make the decision as to which of the two approaches you want to go with. In either case it will be assumed that you have valid Flickr Account and Flickr Key.


Uploading large audio files and Bulk uploading.

If you are using audio module in drupal there is a limit to size of audio files which can be uploaded. After much research I have found that the following can be used to increase the filesize limit of audio files.  and also to bulk upload your audios

Method 1:

Modify .htaccess file :

Add the following lines

php_value post_max_size 200M
php_value upload_max_filesize 200M
php_value max_execution_time 1000
php_value max_input_time 1000


Random Node or Front page in Drupal like Stumbleupon

What I really wanted was that every day my website should be updated with some random previous content, that way the visitors see new content if they visit everyday.

There are couple of methods to do this. First you can create a block and display it in homepage with 1 node in it. You can name it as spotlight or something, or you can create your entire front page with random content. In this method the content will be randomized upon refresh it wont be updated daily. Lets look at the first method.


Embed Flash Video (swf files ) in Drupal

If you want to embed Flash video either in your node or you theme check the following node

Its as simple as putting following code in your page.tpl.php or your node ( FULL HTML Format)


How to adjust Teaser Length and make it zero length?

In Drupal 4.7 you have to go to : administrator > settings > posts>> . The default teaser is 600. You can adjust it to 200 - 2000.

To make the teasers to zero length you will have to update your node.tpl.php file & add a "if" block ( if page == 0 ). Here is the example snippet of one of the node.tpl.php. Make sure you modify your theme's node.tpl.php

<?php print $picture ?>
<?php if ($page == 0): ?>
"><?php print $title ?>
<?php endif; ?>


How do I allow voting on teasers?

a )
The only contributed module that allows voting on teasers is "Vote up and down". The limitation of using this module is there is no rating based on 1 -5 or 1- 100. Users can only vote up or down. And the number of votes determines the popularity of the post.

The good thing is using this module you can make your site like

b) Another contributed module Tweakbox by user acp is considering to implement this functionality in future version of tweakbox so you can rate on teasers.

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