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40 Large OR High Traffic websites created using Drupal

If you are wondering who is using Drupal 7 check out some of the High Traffic and Large websites created using drupal. Most of the websites below are either large non-profit organizations, US Government or USA departments , as well as large organization, Universities, Newspapers Journals, Medical Industries and Large Corporations , they all use Drupal.



Converting from Links Package module of Drupal 6 to CCK Links in Drupal 7

Converting from Links Package to CCK Links - Links package is a contributed module of drupal which was fairly good with lot of features. However there is no version for this in Drupal 7When I had to upgrade my websites from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 , I was stuck because I did not find any solution on to convert from Links Package to CCK Links. I am sharing how I went about porting the nodes from Links package to CCK Links.

1. Upgraded the website normally from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

2. Installed CCK , Links modules. 


Display all the links in Database with hits and Description.

If you are using Links package module and are not satisfied with the link views , teaser & link nodes, then you may consider this option. This code requires that you use link_weblinks component & add weblinks. It displays all the links in the database with hits and description. Things you can customize 1. Change $nlimit in code above to the number of links you want to display. 2. Define the "links" class in your stylesheet to customize the look of this page. 3. You can display this either in a block or on "page". We recommend you use page and attach it to primary menu.
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