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Drupal Site recipes. End to end instructions on building a website.

25 Hand-picked items to enhance your drupal website's functionality

I did somre research on "how can I enhance my drupal website ? ". I came across some modules and snippets, then I looked for the stability and maintainability aspect. The following items, can be safely adopted to add  features to your website. Overall it will help in increasing the traffic or to enhance the functionality.

20 Drupal Website Building Recipes

Its always exciting to see how others are using drupal and creating websites, which are scalable, fast and state of art. I usually learn a lot by reading the webite building case studies or recipes. Drupal being a community , information is shared. I have collected some 20 recipes which I liked and sharing here for my readers. I am sure you will learn a lot from this. You can also contact the respective webmasters to get more details.


Site Recipe - - an Ubercart site for artists

What is OoglieBooglie? is a place where artists and art lovers gather.
Artists create designs that they think would look great printed on a T


Make an FAQ Site using Drupal

FAQ Sites are a piece of cake with Drupal 5.1. You can create a great lightweight FAQ site in Drupal even if you are a beginner.

You will need
Drupal 5.1

How-To: - Site recipe

Want to know how was created ? Here's the recipe. Contributed Modules Used: codefilter emailpage feedback front_page gsitemap image invite links links_related links_weblink notify pathauto profile_pages quicktags sitemenu taxonomy_block taxonomy_dhtml taxonomy_filter upload urlfilter user voteupdown votingapi xstatistics Theme Used: MyDrupal01 Theme was used, with slight modification. Front page The front page was created using the "Front page" contributed module. Very simple HTML table was created with 2 colmns and 2 rows. Next: - Using the "Place blocks anywhere" technique mentioned on this site, the php code was added to these table. The blocks are created when you install taxonomy_dhtml module. One block is created per taxonomy vocabulary. You can find the block name and delta from admin-> Blocks and put that block on front page.
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