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Website utilities, which are utmost important.

How to make drupal a paid membership/subscription site

This is a quick how-to article on making drupal website a paid membership website (subscription). This is a very important feature and it can help you make money using  drupal website or blog. You can use UberCart or Drupal commerce to grant memberships. I am giving the steps below for UberCart.  Generally Paid websites collect some more personal info from a user on registration by adding fields in Administer » User management » Profiles page. You can do that if you like. 

Easy building of Websites using online tools

If you want to develop a great looking website but lack coding skills, there are many great options now. There are many tools and online services available which will let you build websites without any coding skills.

Website Builder is one of such tools available for website building. However while using it I found it much easy and effective compared to other online website building tools.

Top 10 Must have functionalities in Drupal 7 Websites (New or Migrated)

If you are new to drupal and have created basic website. You will need following modules to make the website functional in all areas. This article will also be useful for those who have migrated the websites from other CMS to Drupal. 

1.       Image Support – Drupal 7 has much improved image support through Media module. You can also install ImageCache Module for Scaling, cropping images.  Media Module comes with lot of add on modules , in case you need Bulk Upload, or want to embed Videos in your website.

If you use Media Module with WYSIWYG Editor, you will get a Media Browser button which you can use instead of IMCE module of Drupal 6 for easy upload of images.

Lightbox2 module will provide the lightbox functionality in case you need.

Drupal 7 Code Snippets for Blocks Pages

Sharing some of the code snippets related to Drupal 7. As you know that in Drupal 7 the API has changed and the SQL snippets that you used in Drupal 6 will no longer work in drupal 7. This was a big problem for me. This article will be useful if you dont know much coding, but can manage minor changes to code.

Quick tricks to enhance your drupal website or blog

Once you have made a drupal site and you start getting traffic, the million dollar question is what next. How can I improve my website, what more can I do? Do I add more content, improve theme, change design, add features? . While all of the above are important. Lets look at how you can quickly enhance your drupal website or blog by installing following modules. I am assuming that you would have implemented basic modules like

25 Hand-picked items to enhance your drupal website's functionality

I did somre research on "how can I enhance my drupal website ? ". I came across some modules and snippets, then I looked for the stability and maintainability aspect. The following items, can be safely adopted to add  features to your website. Overall it will help in increasing the traffic or to enhance the functionality.

Best Drupal Sharing and Social bookmarking module reviews

I was using "Add to Any" module and service for very long time. Yes its easy to use and implement and seems like a good solution to share / social bookmark the posts. However I noticed it was not being used as much, none of my posts were getting bookmarked or shared. See the Add to Any screen shot below.

5 drupal modules to Purge users, Clean-up Spammers and Spam posts

Lets look at some of the options available with drupal modules to control user spam, clean the posts after user have spammed, clean up or Purge unwanted users from drupal website.

1. Ban Unpublish Module

This is probably the best option, since it also integrates with Advanced user module and View Bulk operations module(VBO).

86 Important Drupal Snippets instead of Modules

There are times when all you want is a small functionality.  We tend to install a module which will give us much more, Then we become dependent on the module and updates to Drupal become more difficult or you have to wait till the contributed module releases and update to latest version. To avoid this its best to use PHP snippets for the job.

Showing Top Users and Snippets related to Users.

Deleting / Purging Cache, Users, Nodes, Comments (Housekeeping)

If you have developed a drupal site and are maintaining it too, you will soon find that your database will keep growing with lot of unwanted posts, comments and user registrations. There is a need to purge this data from time to time to keep storage levels at optimum and also your website updated with only relevant content.

I was looking at what could be the different ways in which you can clear data / Purge data in drupal.  I have logically divided it into 4 categories


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