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Website utilities, which are utmost important.

Which is a best webhosting for Drupal

I know web hosting is so unreliable these days. Its full of made up promises with fine prints.  Unlimited space - is a hype. It's a marketing gimmick. Don't fall for it!Sometimes it's  difficult to find good web hosts with great support.

So how do you find a  web host company which can best support your drupal website, Such that whenever there is a problem, someone can solve it quickly.

Drupal MemCached Integration

Though drupal has built-in cache mechanism, by default, Drupal will save all its caches to database, which means, every time you hit a cache, there will be a database query. This is obviously not the best solutions.

To speed up your site's cache, a better way is use a 3rd party caching system, such as Memcached, and stores all caches in memory. And in this article, we will tell you how to integrate Memcached with drupal.

Drupal and Twitter integration ( Posting , Tweeting, Pulling )

Drupal gives you a variety of ways in which you can integrate with twitter. Following are the list of different ways you can integrate to post you nodes , tweet , pull from twitter and much more.. Read on…

Integrate Amazon Astore in Drupal

Amazon astores are a great way to earn with amazon affiliate program. The problem is if you create an astore on amazon its not SEO friendly and most likely it will be tough to get it in search engines. If you already have a drupal site then what you really want is to integrate the two. You can put a link in your primary menu pointing to your astore and it will be all integrated and search engine friendly.

If you are a newbie, here is how you would do that.

1. Create a page content on drupal. Give the title that you desire.

2. In the body put the following code.

Display useful site statistics - Combine Site summary and Site statistics

xstatistics is a contributed drupal module that provides useful statistics to user. There are two block that give the site statistics.

I found it useful to combine those two blocks into one and provide all the Site Statistics in one place.

Create a new block and paste the code below, select input format as "php"


$res = db_query('SELECT totalcount, daycount FROM {node_counter}');
while($count = db_fetch_object($res)) {
$count_nodes_view_tot = $count_nodes_view_tot + $count->totalcount;
$count_nodes_view_day = $count_nodes_view_day + $count->daycount;


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