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Can Drupal be used for Mobile Website or Mobile App development ?

Drupal isn't just a web-based content management system - you can use Drupal as the backend for mobile application development. Drupal can contain your content, business logic, user management, and search functionality, and your app can be a front end that talks to Drupal using the Services module.


Drigg - Your digg clone in Drupal

Drigg is a powerful Drupal module written by Tony Mobily, that allows you to promote stories automatically based on your users' votes. Unlike other Drupal and non-drupal solutions, you can do this with amazing simplicity.

For a test site, see: http://www.drigg.org or http://www.fsdaily.com

There is no need to use Pligg for Drupal lovers. You can have a digg like mechanism right on your drupal site while enjoying all other powerful features of drupal


Member of the Month

For large community sites this is a very desirable feature. Users can Nominate and Vote for a person and at the end of the month , that user is declared as Member of the month, based on who gets the highest votes.

I have come up with a recipe, as follows.

You will need
1. CCK contributed module
2. Voting API
3. Any Voting modules like nodevote or simplevote or similar.

How to do
1. Create a new content type "Nominate Member of Month". This new content can have 2-4 fields.

a) Title can be renamed to "Username" or "Member Name".


Classified Ads module

This was long on everyone's wish list. Thanks to ActiveFarming.com for providing the recipe for Classifieds.

You can find recipe at http://drupal.org/node/60530

See Live Demo At http://www.activefarming.com/classifieds

You can use CCK instead of Flexinode to produce same results.


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