How To Create The Best SEO Team

Every company that deals with the online realm would love to have a killer SEO team at their fingertips – after all, if you want to get ahead with an online presence, you need to put more than your best foot forward. The challenge in putting together the best SEO team possible, however, is trying to find people whose qualities, skills and personalities will fit together. The days of hiring an intern to implement an SEO strategy are long gone – a single (unqualified) person is no longer cutting it. So, who are the main players in an effective SEO team?


SEO Director

The director is, ultimately, one of the most important positions that you will need to fill. Hiring a director that is talented and right for the job can really mean the difference between making and breaking an SEO strategy, so you want to make sure you are making the best choice from the beginning. Basically, this person will be in charge of measuring and growing the metrics of your online marketing campaign, so you will need to find someone who has proven experience in research, analytics, reporting on metrics, writing and the implementation of SEO strategies themselves.


SEO Specialist

The specialist essentially functions as the SEO director’s right hand man (or woman) and will need to be more than a little familiar with the concept of link building. In this case, you should be looking for someone who has a strong history in building quality links - ask for examples of successful past work. The specialist will be responsible for helping you to build a soli link building portfolio (as this will do wonders for your SEO strategy). Hiring someone with experience in customer relations or customer interaction will be highly beneficial, as social media is becoming an increasingly large part of any SEO strategy.


Link Builder

This person will work closely with the SEO specialist and will need a solid understanding in quality link building, as well as how to build a link portfolio that will appear natural to the search engine spiders. This person, however, should not be satisfied with just link building – they should concern themselves with link maintenance so that the overall quantity of your SEO links continues to rise. It is also a good idea to find someone who was strong networking skills, as this will enable them to build relationships with people and organisations that will result in more higher value links.

Content or Copywriter

This person will play a large role in the successful implementation of your company’s SEO strategy. It has long been believed that ‘content is king’ in the realm of SEO, but it is the copywriter’s job to ensure that this content is unique and engaging. When hiring a content or copywriting, you should be looking for someone who has experience in writing onsite content, press releases, blogging and social media. It is also highly beneficial to look for someone who provides exceptional research and can write quickly without impacting the creativity and articulation of the piece.



When putting together an exceptional SEO team, you should also consider hiring some experts in the field. This can refer to two types of people – those who are considered SEO experts in their own right and those who are experts in your industry (whether it is web design or fashion). Having someone else look over your SEO strategy can give you a real advantage over your competitions, as they may pick up on things that your team misses.


By focusing on employing the right people for your company’s SEO team, you can help to ensure that you have the best possible chance of ranking better with the various search engines. A single person is no longer sufficient when it comes to implementing an effective SEO strategy, which is why you need to scrutinise your candidates for the best possible team.


This post is written by John K. Taylor, who is working as Freelance Writer with Infinite IT Solutions which deals in creative web design and result oriented SEO Services in Melbourne.