Comparing Drupal with other CMS.

What are the pros and cons of using Drupal

Drupal is a popular and one of the best CMS. While in initial stages of adoption one does wonder , what are the pros and cons of using drupal. Should I go with Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla or something else. Lets find out Some outstanding pros and cons of using drupal for building your website or blog.


Drupal Commerce and Ubercart Comparison

Ubercart and Commerce are the main options for ecommerce when it comes to Drupal 7. Ubercart started long back and initial release was for Drupal 6 later ported to Drupal 7. Ubercart has great features for Online shop but it lacks support required for product management. Commerce is new for Drupal 7 and redefines the way Drupal handles e-commerce. Choosing the right suite of e-commerce module for your online shop is an essential starting point. Please ensure that you invest time comparing each solution before selecting one. Once your website is live, it will be difficult to switch from one solution to another and also time consuming. 


Drupal vs Magento for Ecommerce Websites

Drupal is a good and secured CMS system with few plugins ( UberCart, Drupal Commerce) which can be used to as eCommerce store . Magento  is superb and robust eCommerce platform so it can't be a CMS, but it have ability to add CMS pages from backed and link to navigation using blocks and phtml files. Lets see where Magento Scores well over Drupal.  Drupal has a very popular e-commerce solution Ubercart which is comparable to Magento. 


Do more people prefer Drupal now instead of Wordpress ?

The question is -  Do people prefer Drupal over Wordpress. Is the ratio changing ?. Has the Drupal Ecosystem Changed recently ?. Lets take a look at some data points to see if we can answer these questions.


Drupal Vs Joomla Vs Wordpress and other CMS

A very common question from Beginners is whether I should choose Drupal or Joomla or Wordpress or other CMS?

I had to make this tough decision 2 years back and I thank myself everyday for choosing Drupal over other CMS. I am glad I did not quit when I found some things difficult.

Drupal has a superior architecture and very SEO friendly. It can cater to your needs, it can be used for a simple FAQ site or a very large million visitor site.

Here are some Key pros and cons of the two systems.

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