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Disqus comments integration - SEO Benefits or implications

Common question which came to my mind when switching from drupal comments to Disqus comments is whether discuss comments will be indexed by search engine and whether I will get any benefits in terms of ranking in case the keywords are in the comments. I read that it Hurts SEO because the JavaScript comment widget is not crawlable by search engines. Comments are fresh content on your page which search engines value highly. So I was concerned and did some reading.

Drupal integration with other applications

Drupal being a top CMS, its very important that it integrates with other third party applications. We generally want the following

  1. Use and implement some standard functionality of Drupal
  2. Build some custom functionality that should seamlessly integrate with Drupal eg same users, same permissions, etc...
  3. Use Third party modules for front end or implementing key functionalities. 
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