Impact Theme

Impact theme Now available for DRUPAL 5 and 5.1!!!. Download here. Version 1.2 has a major bug so please update your themes to version 1.4

Check out the latest theme from MyDrupal, its coolest , multi-colored just right for
your website. Please do not remove the footer “Theme Designed by MyDrupal”

This theme is inherited from andreas09 theme and we have changed the looks of it to create the impact you need for your website. It has following features.

  1. 3 column layout & fluid width.
  2. Icons for node links also covers popular contributed modules.
  3. Choose from 6 different colors . Simply modify line 3 in page.tpl.php

$color = ‘blue’; //set to blue, black, green, orange, purple, or red

  1. Tested for drupal 4.7.x and On IE and Firefox.

Checkout the screenshots below. Click on the theme to download

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