Impact Theme.

Impact theme Now available for DRUPAL 5 and 5.1!!!. Download here. Version 1.2 has a major bug so please update your themes to version 1.4

Check out the latest theme from MyDrupal, its coolest , multi-colored just right for
your website. Please do not remove the footer "Theme Designed by MyDrupal"

This theme is inherited from andreas09 theme and we have changed the looks of it to create the impact you need for your website. It has following features.

1. 3 column layout & fluid width.
2. Icons for node links also covers popular contributed modules.
3. Choose from 6 different colors . Simply modify line 3 in page.tpl.php

$color = 'blue'; //set to blue, black, green, orange, purple, or red

4. Tested for drupal 4.7.x and On IE and Firefox.

Checkout the screenshots below. Click on the theme to download



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After long wait, finally theme is available for download at

Click Here

Beautiful theme!!!


What is the name of module which allow to give points to comments?

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Thanks. Do spread the word :)

I am using Vote up down for points.

Is it possible to create mydrupal impact theme with 4 columns (left sidebar, content and 2 right sidebars)

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You could add the 4th column, you can check some css sites for that. I dont have time to create that now.

OK thx

Small problem @ this theme: Look at the forum (General discussion -> Error on Impact theme?)

When i try to using impact theme, my primary links not show in left header, primary links only show ArrayArray. How to fix my problem?

I dont know i must edit page.tpl.php on line 27-37 to fix this problem:

<?php foreach ($primary_links as $link): ?>
<?php $class = ""; ?>

<?php if ( stristr($link, 'active') ) : ?>
<?php $class = 'id="current"'; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

  • ><?php print $link?>
  • <?php endforeach; ?>

    But still my primary links only show ArrayArray not show Home | About

    My drupal version 5.1.

    Thanks for reply.

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    Sorry, this theme currently is only for 4.7.x

    Ok, i have update manually link with using

  • links1
  • links2
  • links3

  • in page.tpl.php

    I love this theme but for some reason, When viewing pages such as created calendar views, the forums listing page etc, I get a large whitespace below the title, before the content. Any idea on how to fix this? This only happens on IE, unfortunately most users browser.

    a Calendar view is a table, and the forums listing is a table. Not sure how to fix the problem but I think it is related to the tables and the clearing divs?

    Great theme, but I've encountered one problem.

    Stuff that appears in a "div class="node"" object block gets displayed at the bottom of the page instead of in between the left and right sidebars.

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    Is it possible to create mydrupal impact theme with 4 columns left sidebar, content and 2 right sidebars.
    Matt - club penguin