Integrate Amazon Astore in Drupal

Amazon astores are a great way to earn with amazon affiliate program. The problem is if you create an astore on amazon its not SEO friendly and most likely it will be tough to get it in search engines. If you already have a drupal site then what you really want is to integrate the two. You can put a link in your primary menu pointing to your astore and it will be all integrated and search engine friendly.

If you are a newbie, here is how you would do that.

  1. Create a page content on drupal. Give the title that you desire.
  2. In the body put the following code.
  3. Save your page & bingo ! Your astore is integrated with your drupal site.

Lets see how to tweak it further.

  1. Ensure that your astore has the color which gels with your website. You can set that in your amazon associates panel
  2. In the above code you can set the width and height in such a way that the scroll bar would not appear. Then it will look as if everything is integrated. You an put the scrolling =No

See the demo of astore integration : This one is with scroll bar and as you can see it does not appear well integrated.

That’s it . Enjoy.

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