Local Search marketing and why Pre-defined SEO Packages don’t work

Local businesses need to be found in their demographic for their products and services when people use a search engine to search. If you are not searchable locally, you practically do not exist. Going local is not a trend its already a movement.  Consumers are looking for better experience and local business for their food, clothing and other needs.  local search marketing can help provide the required consumer experience.

Local search is the next online gold mine. More than 20% of searches have local keywords. Even more than 20% have local intent. 3 billion Google Search Queries every month contains local search terms. With smart mobile phone usage booming this is going to increase and further reinforce the importance of local search.

When triggered by a search query, local search dominates the page, casting a shadow over organic website listings in the process.

Differences between national search and local search

·         For growing businesses, local search is often more relevant and cost-effective.  A large business having presence in all states will mostly go for National search.

·         If you are a local company looking for local customers or a national company steer­ing customers to local storefronts, local search will provide with targeted message to end users or consumer searching for a product or service in a particular area.  If you invest in national search you will be wasting time and money.

·         Local search lets businesses with a local presence con­nect with these customers more effectively.

·         Relevancy is the key advantage of local search. Relevancy means users can find the products and services they seek in a specific location and businesses gain consumers who are ready to buy. National search delivers multiple and sometimes irrelevant results.

·         Most SEO experts have a National or Local scope. This is true for any industry and with any size budget imaginable! Local clients have a different set of goals that pertain to their local market where as national clients must achieve a strong online presence all over the United States. Some customers even have to be recognized internationally and FMS has the resources and skill to do just that.


Local businesses need to focus on the city they operate in.

·         When someone wants a product or service the tendency is to search in google maps and check for the nearest available shop or outlet. Most of the times this searches are done on the go. So one thing you must ensure is to appear in all these maps and make your self locally searchable.

·         Ratings – have people rated your product or service. If not encourage your customers today. Offer some incentive to give feedback. This will help other decide quickly on whether or not to choose your store.  Everytime you get rated higher , you rank higher in the search results.

Following is the list of the different types of local search


·         Search Engine Maps (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

·         Review Sites ( different for each country. For India it would be mouthshut, justdial, asklaila etc)

·         Yellow Page Directories

·         Local Directories

·         Business Directories

·         Niche, Industry Specific Directories

There is more to local search than just submitting your listings. You must ensure that the listings have credibility and are accurate, verified and actively used.

What services can you expect from local search marketing company

·         Managing Listings for Multiple Locations / Cities

·         Optimize Local Listings for Increased Local SEO Traffic

·         Submit Your Business to Additional Local Directories

·         Verify Local Listing

·         Eliminate Duplicate Listings which can pull down your rankings

·         Manage Reviews – Help in increasing the reviews

·         Setup Analytics Tracking to Properly Track Local Activity

·         Promote Your Local Listings

There is a need for  local search marketing campaign for local stores. If you don’t have one you need to get started today. In fact, every website has its own makeup, its own challenges, competition level, keyword difficulty, search traffic volume and much more. Hence there is a need for customized plan for  each individual client.  It not only ensures greater SEO success but also greater search ranking longevity (you will be in SERP for much longer).  If budget is a problem don’t worry, you can also determine a comfortable monthly budget and FMS team will develop a customized SEO plan to meet that budget.  Don’t go from one vendor to another for your SEO needs , choose the right vendor the first time and get great results.