Making money from Drupal Website

Monetizing your website is very important and typically people do not have much idea on how to go about doing that. Before you can monetize the wesbite its important that you create a good quality website using proper SEO techniques. Broadly there are five ways to make money from drupal site.  For any of following method to work its assumed that you have access to payment gateway systems like paypal , , skrill etc.  These methods will work only if you are able to receive money via payment gateways. 

  1. Sell access to content – Either Pay per view or Paying to access some premium content.  In the first model which is Pay per View , one can show a teaser and then the user has to pay to view the full node. This can apply to video sites or question answer sites where access to full answer is charged.  Second way is mark some content as premium and when the user pays to become a premium member he is granted access to all the paid content.  You can setup Paid Subscription websites using, Drupal User Roles + Access Control + Paypal Subscriptions modules
  2. Sell physical products using Ubercart or Drupal Commerce modules. This method is really straight forward. You create a website and then add the products you want to sell and configure your payment gateway.
  3. Sell digital products such as files / videos / pictures etc . Typically in this case the download links is made available to the user only after the payment has been made. This way it can be fully automated.
  4. Sell advertising space and banner – you can use Google Adsense or Drupal Ads module.  With Ads module you can pretty much manage everything about banner advertising right on your drupal website.  
  5. Charge for posting content on your website.  Assuming you have a popular website, you can generate lot of revenue when user pay to post content on your website.

Drupal has modules to successfully create all of the above websites for free.  You will have to integrate couple of module and may have to write some custom code too.