My Drupal classic Theme

MyDrupal01 theme is derived from Bluemarine and it has lot of features added for a complete community drupal site.

1: Header image provided in 3 colors, just by replacing headerbg.gif with headerbg_darkred.gif, headerbg_olive.gif or headerbg_gray.gif you can totally change the look of your headers.

2. All images are in images folder and you can customize your look by changing the images.

3. Drupal does not have icons and images, which makes the website very dry. MyDrupal01 has icons for all your links. This gives all nodes an enhanced look

4. Forums looks has been enhanced too.

This has been tested in IE7 and Firefox.

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE the footer information "Theme designed by My Drupal".
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Click here to download MyDrupal01 Theme.



Love the theme! Very nice. But I'm not seeing the icons on my site after enabling the theme. Am I missing a configuration step?


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hi gil

in template.php, the function name should match the folder name of the theme. In this case it would be mydrupal1 as folder and function would be


I found that in template.php, its named as csqa_links, change it to mydrupal1_links

Once you sync this up the icons will show up.

Got it. While I have you here, look at and tell me why my 100 x 100 logo.png gets stretched like that! And for the $64,000 prize :-) since you obviously know more about all this drupal stuff than do I, any idea why I'm getting the } } ?> at the top of the page? I've hunted and pecked and asked around and nobody seems to have a clue.


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For your logo, in style.css , Search for Logo and set the height and width of your image.

I dont know about extra characters, are u getting the characters because u are using this theme ?. Meaning if you use some other theme it disappears ?

I will send my bank details to wire the money :)

extra characters appear in all themes ... not a problem with yours.. thanks for the logo tip. Have not had to spec that in other themes.


p.s. I'll fax you a check :-)

Really it is very nice

It is very easy to customize this theme, thus it will be very much helpful

Thanks a lot for your contribution over drupal

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