Neither Admin nor Users are able to access the "Edit" user profile page in drupal website.

Another issue which I faced one day for my drupal website.

Neither Admin nor normal users are able to access the edit page. This causes lot of issues, since newly registered users are not able to change their password after logging in the first time and hence they cannot access the site once they are logged out.

Also its frustrating for end users when they are not able to edit their user profiles.

Again, from my internet search, I stumbled upon a solution which worked for me. , I just had to clear all caches or use "flush all cache" option in my admin toolbar. Or goto /admin/settings/performance, there's a clear cache button there

This seem to have worked for me. The reason it worked is mainly because i did not do any changes to my website. , so it could have been some self generated issue, which went away after clearing all caches.