Webmaster Forums

Webmaster forums are on the rise on internet. There are many popular discussion forums which are coming up on internet . The main topics of discussions here are:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO),
  2. Making websites which are SEO friendly,
  3. Marketing your website either via General marketing, social networks, link development, pay per click advertising or affiliate programs.
  4. Marketplace where one can sell anything from a script to a large website, content, ebooks, templates , links, domains etc.
  5. Design and development related issues and resolutions
  6. Monetizing your website via different means

A webmaster is typically a person maintaining 1 or more websites. Typically webmasters work independent and do not have employees. So when they get issues they have to resolve themselves. In today’s world where millions of web pages come up every month there is a need for someone to find their niche and survive. What can be a better place to get information then collaborative discussion forums ( also known as bulletin boards) dedicated to webmasters?

 Take the case of a one such Webmaster Bulletin board WebmasterBB. They have got a very good way of categorizing the discussions.   Check the following categories.

  • Website management – To make sure that your website, servers run smoothly , you can discuss issues related to website management here.
  • Monetizing – Apart from Google adsense what are some of the other ways you can make money on your website.
  • Promoting and Growing – How to best promote your website and keep the popularity growing. Link building , Social networking and related ways to get traffic.
  • Domains – This discussion is about domain name registrars , domain name appraisals, choosing a good domain name and so on.
  • Development – This is about programming, graphics related to your website. Webmasters need help here too.
  • Reviews – This forum will discuss about various products and services used by webmasters and the review of the same. One such example is webhosting.
  • Marketplace – Finally a place where people can buy , sell and trade stuff . To all members who post in the WebmasterBB. Marketplace, they will be automatically tweeted to over 10,000 twitter followers.This is completely free to the whole community as a return for your activity in WBB.

One important thing in such forums is the moderation team. They have to be very alert to keep the spammers and self promoters out , otherwise soon the website will be filled with junk and visitors will start bouncing off.  WebmasterBB is doing a good job in moderation and keeping the content relevant. You can check out this upcoming community today !.