What are the pros and cons of using Drupal

Drupal is a popular and one of the best CMS. While in initial stages of adoption one does wonder , what are the pros and cons of using drupal. Should I go with Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla or something else. Lets find out Some outstanding pros and cons of using drupal for building your website or blog.

1. Drupal architecture is secure and security updates are timely.
2. Drupal is easily extendable and there are modules available where you can really tweak your website the way you want
3. Drupal has good community support on drupal.org, stackexchange and other websites.
4. Drupal is easy to deploy on nearly any host or serve
5.    Drupal has excellent support for complex sites such as those with many content types. Article, Job posting etc are different content types.
6. Drupal can scale well. 
7  Drupal supports multisite, though complex to use, many people are able to leverage from the fact that one code base can support multiple websites.
8. Some Themes like Zen, Omega etc are excellent platforms to work with
9. If you do well with configuring your website it can be extremely easy for content providers and other non-administrators to use
10. You can build any website with Drupal. Its quite adaptible.
11. Third party integrations are very easy and modules are available for almost all key 3rd party systems
12.   Writing a custom module is fairly easy and the API is well documented
13. Lots of Video trainings available , you can find the list here on mydrupal. 
14. Caching improves speed and performance of the webstie. Advanced websites can use Memcache, APC, Varnish etc to further boost their performance.
  1.    Large learning curve, compared with wordpress , but once you learn its easy.
  2.    Major updates like 6 to 7 are quite an effort. minor ones are asy. 
  3.    Drupal can consume lot of resources if not tweaked properly. 
  4.    Finding a good Drupal developer is often harder than WP or others
  5.    For large websites contributed module compatibility can be an issue.
  6.    Writing a GOOD custom module can be difficult if you cannot find a developer. 


Having said above, I have been using drupal for 7+ years and been a huge fan of drupal for its architecture, scalability and security.