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CommonPlaces e-Solutions follows a very specific and unique process to ensure that we are providing an excellent final product. Each client’s needs are examined carefully to determine how we can help develop a product for the client that will be successful.

  • Analyze – The first step of developing a successful website or e-solution lies in fully understanding each client’s market, marketplace, business model, competition, applicable technology, and social space.
  • Propose – Once we have completed our research, CommonPlaces will then create a proposal that will have a Summary, Topics, Goals, Conclusion and Pricing. We devote quality time and effort to the creation of each client’s proposal.
  • Create – Our staff includes teams of top-notch engineers and world class designers that work directly with the project manager assigned to develop your website or e-solution. Our engineers are fluent in many programming languages and have been working intimately with Drupal on the large scale projects CommonPlaces services. Our staff is active within the Drupal community, and contributes patches and modules, as well as documentation. Staff members participate in community group discussions and events. We are quickly moving towards using Drupal for the majority of our larger projects and are very happy with its development and SEO capabilities. For smaller projects there are many other software options such as WordPress, EZ Publish and other easy to use CMS (content management system) programs. Our team of designers can develop any graphics and design that are needed for any given project. Our designers are extremely talented as well, and have created literally hundreds of website and graphic designs. During the creation of the product, our marketing staff is also actively implementing tracking and analytics software that will track the website or web application’s user progress. The marketing team is well versed in how to convert website visitors into your new paying customers. Their hands-on experience in defining the usability and determining the users call to action will also help enhance your visitors experience, as well as supporting your ROI.
  • Implement – Once a project is created, CommonPlaces e-Solutions can service your needs in other ways as well. We are experts in hosting, domain name servers, software, document and video archives, multiple product lines, RSS feeds, blogs, Internet radio, PPV Home theater, and many other web enabled applications. Commonplaces has a number of usability and debugging experts that will then test the system in every manner possible to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • Market – When we launch your project (often called “going live”, our experienced marketing specialists are there to implement any marketing plans that have been approved by the client. Typically, if we know you are interested in marketing the final product, we will begin compiling marketing research and creating a proposed timeline for that marketing. We find that doing this as soon as your website project has been completed is the best way to be able to track its effectiveness.

CommonPlaces’ process has been refined through years of experience. Our ability to create highly effective websites comes from our ability to understand not only our clients, but our client’s customers as well. Our process has been tested time and time again, and has been proven to be the most effective way to develop nearly any e-business solution project. By carefully analyzing and planning, nothing is overlooked and each of our client’s requirements are met in a well-organized and timely manner, utilizing all of the CommonPlaces expertise, talent and resources.

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