Making Content Findable in Drupal 6

Interesting and useful content is a necessity on any web site, particularly on those built around a Content Management System. However, this may not be the only necessity. Another necessity is making the browsing experience on your site pleasant for the visitor, and in this context, making the content easy to find. Having content on the front page of the site is one way to make it findable, but the amount of content is limited to a point before the page becomes unwieldy. In this article by J. Ayen Green, we will make it easier for site visitors to find our content in a number of ways.

What you will learn

In this article, you will learn about:

* Using Taxonomy to link descriptive terms to Node Content
* Tag clouds
* Path aliases

What you will do

In this article, you will:

* Create a Taxonomy
* Enable the use of tags with Node Content
* Define a custom URL
* Activate site searching
* Perform a search

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