MyDrupal com – Site recipe

Want to know how was created ? Here’s the recipe. Contributed Modules Used: codefilter emailpage feedback front_page gsitemap image invite links links_related links_weblink notify pathauto profile_pages quicktags sitemenu taxonomy_block taxonomy_dhtml taxonomy_filter upload urlfilter user voteupdown votingapi xstatistics Theme Used: MyDrupal01 Theme was used, with slight modification. Front page The front page was created using the “Front page” contributed module. Very simple HTML table was created with 2 colmns and 2 rows. Next: – Using the “Place blocks anywhere” technique mentioned on this site, the php code was added to these table. The blocks are created when you install taxonomy_dhtml module. One block is created per taxonomy vocabulary. You can find the block name and delta from admin-> Blocks and put that block on front page.

Site Creation Goto administer>>categories >> and create three taxonomies, “How-to”, “Tips”, “Recipes”. Select “story”, book as allowed content. Added the terms as you see on Used book node for “User-Friendly Tips” Input formats were setup and URLFilter and codefilter addon were used along with insertView, insert Block. See details here

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