Create Drupal 7 theme from HTML - 5 part video series

Following is a 5 part video series for beginners, covers how to create a drupal 7 theme from HTML. This series will show you how to setup a custom theme in drupal 7 from an HTML template.

Video 1 shows you the thought process behind the converting the theme to Drupal 7 (What do I need to create for the page? What regions? etc) , the modules / tools needed and begins preparing the site for theming.

Video 2 goes through setting up image presets and creating dummy articles for us to use while setting up the site and creating the theme around.

25 Hand-picked items to enhance your drupal website's functionality

I did somre research on "how can I enhance my drupal website ? ". I came across some modules and snippets, then I looked for the stability and maintainability aspect. The following items, can be safely adopted to add  features to your website. Overall it will help in increasing the traffic or to enhance the functionality.

20 Drupal Website Building Recipes

Its always exciting to see how others are using drupal and creating websites, which are scalable, fast and state of art. I usually learn a lot by reading the webite building case studies or recipes. Drupal being a community , information is shared. I have collected some 20 recipes which I liked and sharing here for my readers. I am sure you will learn a lot from this. You can also contact the respective webmasters to get more details.


Drupal 7 theme Video Tutorials

Adding some more great videos Series on this page, which will help you learn about Drupal theme, Following vidoes are sure to get you started with drupal themeing, Not only that you will also learn about what tools to use when making drupal themes.

Learn Drupal: Theme Makeover - Modifying an Existing Theme


See Below for more videos

Learn Drupal Theming without a book - Basic to Advanced Videos

Some videos showing how to do theming for Drupal 7, from basics to quite advanced stuff. Contents are as below

30 Extremely Useful Drupal Tips and Tricks, you proably ignored

Below is a compilation of some extremely useful Drupal Tips and Tricks. Its those small important things we ignore or keep searching for. This post collates it in one place. Feel free to bookmark and share it.

Amazon Store , Cloud and Web Services Integration with Drupal

I will cover this in two parts, 1st will be integration with Amazon store so you can make money using Amazon Associates program, in 2nd part I will cover the Amazon web services and Cloud and related modules.

Part 1 – Making money with Amazon Store and Products.

In this segment, there are essentially two modules which can help you achieve integration with Amazon store, such that you can show amazon products on your drupal website.

How to Speed up and Optimize Drupal 7

Before we go into the details of techniques and tips to speed up drupal 7, lets understand what slows down drupal.

  1. Database queries
  2. Loading CSS and Javascript
  3. Images which are loaded on your page
  4. Loading unwanted modules

Now lets see what are some of the quick things you can do to speed up and optimize.

Best Drupal Sharing and Social bookmarking module reviews

I was using "Add to Any" module and service for very long time. Yes its easy to use and implement and seems like a good solution to share / social bookmark the posts. However I noticed it was not being used as much, none of my posts were getting bookmarked or shared. See the Add to Any screen shot below.

5 drupal modules to Purge users, Clean-up Spammers and Spam posts

Lets look at some of the options available with drupal modules to control user spam, clean the posts after user have spammed, clean up or Purge unwanted users from drupal website.

1. Ban Unpublish Module

This is probably the best option, since it also integrates with Advanced user module and View Bulk operations module(VBO).


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