5 drupal modules to Purge users, Clean-up Spammers and Spam posts

Lets look at some of the options available with drupal modules to control user spam, clean the posts after user have spammed, clean up or Purge unwanted users from drupal website.

1. Ban Unpublish Module

This is probably the best option, since it also integrates with Advanced user module and View Bulk operations module(VBO).

Drupal Image support for Nodes

1) Most of the time after we have created the Drupal website we wonder what is the best way to add images to node. Then we while googling we come across Image module and related helper modules, where basically each image is handled as a separate node. I wondered whether such a thing is required, meaning having images as nodes. Seems like it gives more flexibility, and you can add different "views", Gallery Etc.

Let see some other options

86 Important Drupal Snippets instead of Modules

There are times when all you want is a small functionality.  We tend to install a module which will give us much more, Then we become dependent on the module and updates to Drupal become more difficult or you have to wait till the contributed module releases and update to latest version. To avoid this its best to use PHP snippets for the job.

Showing Top Users and Snippets related to Users.

Displaying block on Front Page ONLY

I had a strange problem today. I wanted to show a block on homepage only. So I went to the Block and added "" and clicked the box "Show only on listed pages". You would think this should work. But when your website has "node" as front page and if you have 10 pages of Nodes, the block will show on all 10 pages and not just the home page

This is a weird problem, I tried many combinations, until I figured out that you have to put the following PHP Code and select "Show only if PHP code returns TRUE"


Facebook style status in Drupal

How good it would be if we can have facebook style notifications in Drupal. Basically there is a bar at the top which shows you the new activity that needs your attention.

Making money from Drupal Website

Monetizing your website is very important and typically people do not have much idea on how to go about doing that. Before you can monetize the wesbite its important that you create a good quality website using proper SEO techniques. Broadly there are five ways to make money from drupal site.  For any of following method to work its assumed that you have access to payment gateway systems like paypal , authorize.net , skrill etc.  These methods will work only if you are able to receive money via payment gateways. 

Top Drupal SEO Modules, Tips and Tricks to increase traffic

Drupal is one of the most SEO friendly CMS. In fact I attribute the success of Drupal CMS to its search engine friendliness. I was surprised when my first Drupal site was quickly indexed by google without much effort from my side. Today I have 90%+ traffic from search engines.   Hence I attribute my website’s success to Drupal’s SE friendliness.   Chances are that you have landed on this page via search engine too :)

Let’s see how you can quickly harness the power of Drupal to get your site indexed and get top rankings in Search Engines.

Deleting / Purging Cache, Users, Nodes, Comments (Housekeeping)

If you have developed a drupal site and are maintaining it too, you will soon find that your database will keep growing with lot of unwanted posts, comments and user registrations. There is a need to purge this data from time to time to keep storage levels at optimum and also your website updated with only relevant content.

I was looking at what could be the different ways in which you can clear data / Purge data in drupal.  I have logically divided it into 4 categories

How To Create The Best SEO Team

Every company that deals with the online realm would love to have a killer SEO team at their fingertips – after all, if you want to get ahead with an online presence, you need to put more than your best foot forward. The challenge in putting together the best SEO team possible, however, is trying to find people whose qualities, skills and personalities will fit together. The days of hiring an intern to implement an SEO strategy are long gone – a single (unqualified) person is no longer cutting it. So, who are the main players in an effective SEO team?


If I were to start again - Lessons learnt

With the intent of sharing the lessons I have learnt over the years ,  I asked myself what would I have differently if I were to start over again. Here are some of my points


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