Drupal Vs Sharepoint Comparison

 Drupal Vs Sharepoint

Drupal and Sharepoint both have their pluses and minuses. It’s a tough choice for many organizations , but many are moving to Drupal recently

Let’s see some of the differences between Drupal and Microsoft Sharepoint based on my understanding

56 best practices for Drupal performance

I can across this article which I thought was a very good collection of tips to improve drupal performance. If you are a beginner you would be doing some of these, but I am sure you will learn a lot from this.

20 Must have Drupal Modules when creating a Blog

Drupal in my opinion is as powerful as Wordpress and even more powerful. However for someone migrating from wordpress to Drupal may not know of all the modules or add-ons to install. This is an attempt to address that audience. For any blog I believe the following modules are good to start with.

Integrate Amazon Astore in Drupal

Amazon astores are a great way to earn with amazon affiliate program. The problem is if you create an astore on amazon its not SEO friendly and most likely it will be tough to get it in search engines. If you already have a drupal site then what you really want is to integrate the two. You can put a link in your primary menu pointing to your astore and it will be all integrated and search engine friendly.

If you are a newbie, here is how you would do that.

1. Create a page content on drupal. Give the title that you desire.

2. In the body put the following code.

Random Node or Front page in Drupal like Stumbleupon

What I really wanted was that every day my website should be updated with some random previous content, that way the visitors see new content if they visit everyday.

There are couple of methods to do this. First you can create a block and display it in homepage with 1 node in it. You can name it as spotlight or something, or you can create your entire front page with random content. In this method the content will be randomized upon refresh it wont be updated daily. Lets look at the first method.


Books lost on upgrade from Drupal 5 to 6

I recently upgraded one of my site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 and found that the books and book pages were lost. I saw in Admin >> Content section that the content was there only the structure was lost.

Upon manually trying to recreate the books I was getting Duplicate error, so even the manual option was not working. It seems that this was a common error for many people

I did some reading and found many people have done some complex things to get around it. Let me tell you what worked for me.

Hot 10 Things Searched by Drupalers

When it comes to Drupal what are those Hot 10 things that are normally searched and interest people the most ?

50 Top and most popular drupal modules (projects)

Here is the list of top 50 drupal modules by average monthly downloads. This data is as of 2009. With Drupal's popularity increasing the download data may vary. But the top downloaded modules are not likely to change much.

Drupal 6 Social Networking: Communicating with Users

Our users can communicate with one another, which is great, but quite often as an administrator the need may arise for us to communicate with a user or users on our site. It may be to remind them about the web site or to inform active users about new changes to the site, which they may not have been made aware of.

In this article, you will learn:

* About mailing lists, and how to use them with our Drupal social network.
* How to use an offline approach for contacting our users.
* How to use blocks of content to get a message across to your users.

12 Top of the class Drupal tutorials for beginners, developers and intermidiates

Here are some Free Drupal tutorials available on the web. This will be very helpful for beginners and for those who want to migrate from other CMS like Joomla to Drupal.


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