Common Mistakes often found in Websites

We develop SEO friendly website with fast loading web pages, W3C complaint, user friendly graphic designs, CMS & XHTML coded pages, visually impaired accessibility and are submitted to Google, Yahoo, and Bing Directories with support for blog and article marketing.

We avoid the following errors which are mostly found in other websites:-

  1. Use of Pop ups which annoys the visitors.
  2. Full Flash websites which are quite bulky.
  3. Long web forms in the websites
  4. Excessive scrolling vertically or horizontally.
  5. Multiple Fonts in website.
  6. Heavy Banners on the website.
  7. Stale web content on sites
  8. Non-uniform layout design
  9. Online hit counters on new websites which creates bad image.
  10. Bad Links.

Above mentioned errors is identification of bed website, if you avoid these errors from your website you can easily promote your business or increase more traffic to your website.

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